2 Weeks Traveling Around Europe

In May, my sister, mom, friend and I all flew across the world with only a backpack. About a year prior I decided I was going to backpack Europe. I was graduating college and it had always been on my bucket list of something I wanted to do before my real world started. So, I told everyone I was going to backpack Europe and whoever wanted to come with me could come. Lots of people said they wanted to come, but people say lots of things they want to do but never follow through. 3 people however did follow through and joined me on the journey of 2 weeks in Europe.

We decided to fly out of Baltimore because it was way cheaper than Pittsburgh. Check out Compare Cheap Flights & Book Airline Tickets to Everywhere | Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights and days to travel. We booked our roundtrip plane tickets from Baltimore to London for less than $700 and we booked about 6 months prior to the trip.

So where did we even travel to and how did we get there? Well, we started our trip in London, England and I honestly think it was my favorite destination. The people were so so nice and helpful and very funny. Everyone was cracking jokes with you, even the security guards. We traveled throughout London on none other than the double decker busses. Yep, those things are so cool and its less than 2 dollars to ride them to anywhere in the city. The other way we traveled was the subway/tube system which was also very cheap. To pay for everything you just tapped your card too- busses, trains, food, literally anything was just a tap of the card.

In London we saw some breathtaking things like the tower of London, London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, a few museums, house of parliament, St. Paul’s Cathedral, tower bridge, sky garden, Kensington Palace, changing of the guards and so so much more. We went to Camden market for lunch and another little market that was underground and in-between buildings that was very cool. Of course I had to get fish and chips and go to some English pubs where I fell in love with ciders. They are amazing over there.

Next, we went to Munich Germany for one day. Now, I had already been to Munich and loved it, so this was really for my sister to see. We went to the town center to watch the glockenspiel go off, (which is so overrated, but I genuinely enjoyed watching everyone take videos of this little “show”). We also went up to the top of one of the churches to overlook the city which is beautiful. We also went to a little market near the town center where I had a bratwurst and pretzel.

We went to a very cool German restaurant with apple strudel. To end Germany, we went to a park and watched the surfers in the river at the English garden which is fascinating to see. We ended with visiting the famous castle which was where sleeping beauty was inspired and is beautiful. Then we trained over to Switzerland.

We stayed in Zurich but spent most of our time in Lucerne Switzerland. We were only there for about a day, but we went up in the Swiss alps and it was absolutely amazing, even though it was fogging at the beginning, it cleared up and was beautiful. The views are amazing. We visited the signature covered bridge and walked around the city. Switzerland is beautiful but pretty expensive. And I had to get some Swiss chocolate for the next train ride to Rome, Italy.

The train ride gave us some amazing views we never would have seen otherwise. In Rome, there was so much to do, but we managed to do a ton. We visited the colosseum, Trevi fountain, the square, tons and tons of churches that are all so pretty. The ruins are amazing to see, and it is mind blowing that things are still standing from thousands of years ago. We also were in Vatican City, where we got to see the Pope on Wednesday! And we went into the Basicilla.

In Rome, I had so much gelato, because it is so good and on every street. I also had gnocchi which is amazing over there, of course all pasta is. We also got stopped walking for happy hour at a new bar called the Miami Pub. The guy was hilarious and entertained us the whole time. Also, Nutella is huge in Europe it’s awesome. And I had to get a signature canola as a little dessert one night.

Then came Santorini Greece and wow is it beautiful. Everything you see on Pinterest. Yeah, that’s what it looks like it. All the white buildings are so pretty, but it is like everything is so packed together. It was good because we walked everywhere, so everything was very accessible. The color there is ocean blue, so every jewelry item is that color blue and every tourist souvenir has the eye on it. We took a bus to the black beach (black sand) and it had so many cute stores and restaurants.

I had to get a gyro there, which was very good. And at the most popular sunset spot, someone was selling grilled corn which my sister fell in love with. The sunsets were the best part of Santorini for sure. Right over the water and you can just sit outside (in a hot tub if you have one) and relax. Then we flew to our final destination of Athens Greece.

Athens honestly was way cooler than I was expecting. It was similar to Rome, but also very different. It had lots of ruins and Acropolis, but it also had parks to get views of the city which was fascinating. I picked tons of oranges, that were all so sour but still fun. We got to the Alter of Zeus and other Greek God and goddess things which was pretty cool. And while we were there, a street food festival was going it. It had so many different kinds of food, it was amazing.

Then we went to where the first modern Olympic games were held. And as a former track and xc athlete, I was in love. It was fascinating to see everything still in great shape. You could see where the king and queen would sit and go up the hall where the athletes would be. They even had a room full of one torch from almost every Olympics since. Of course, we had to run a lap and stand on the podium.

Then we flew back to London where I got Paprika Pringles in the airport that were the best chips I’ve ever had. And we flew back to Baltimore and went back to reality. This trip was really a trip of a lifetime, and everyone should go on something like this. Because it is so eye-opening and the things you learn and see are things you though only existed in books or pictures. So start planning and go on a trip like mine. I will make some more posts about more in-depth details of each destination too for all of 🙂 I really was following my tattoo for this trip and just living a little…

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