5 Tips for Planning the Best Backpacking Trip to Europe

In less than 2 months I will be traveling to Europe for the second time ever. And this time, I’ll be going with only a backpack and hitting 5 different countries in 2 weeks. So how am I going to do this, well it’s taken a lot of planning and researching. Because I mean 5 countries in 2 weeks, you really have to pick and choose what’s most important to you.

Where will the 4 of us be traveling to in Europe? Well, we will be flying into London and staying there for a few days. Then we will be taking a short flight to Munich German for one day. We are only staying here for a night because my mom and I have already been there, but my sister wants to see a castle. Then we are taking a train from Munich to Zurich Switzerland. Here we are going to spend time sightseeing the Swiss alps. After a few days there, we are traveling by train to Rome to absorb all of the history. From Rome we are flying to Santorini Greece, because that’s one of the most popular tourist spots right now. After that, we are going back up to Athens for a few days. And finally flying back to London, to fly back to the US.

So when planning a trip almost anywhere, a good way to keep everything organized is to use Excel. Excel is easy to use and easy to keep yourselves organized. We have the first tab as an everything tab with confirmed travel, and other booked events or accommodations. It’s also easy to highlight what is book in one color and another color of what still needs to be booked.

Then if you are going to different countries or locations, you can add a tab/sheet for each location. So for every city we are going to, we have a sheet with information about the place. Like things we are interested in doing or different places to stay.

So here’s my 5 tips to prepare for your trip to Europe.

  1. Make sure you know how you are going to get to each country before your trip
  2. Get a nice travel backpack
  3. Pack clothes that match with multiple outfits
  4. Take pictures of your credit cards and passport and have them in your email in case you lose your wallet or phone
  5. Find the things that are must sees for you

As an amazon associate I make a small commission off of qualifying purchases.

Amazon also has great backpacks for backpacking trips! There are lots of pockets and places to store your things. You want to go for something that is big enough to fit your stuff, but not too heavy for you. If it is too big, you might try and bring more things than you need which will just hurt your back more. Mine has a little waterproof pouch too, and some have waterproof covers in case it rains. Look for the ones that have straps to make the bag smaller as well. Here is a link to tons of different options travel backpack

And don’t forget about packing cubes that make your life so much easier. I almost always use my packing cubes when traveling. You can fit so much more with them and it’s all organized. What’s better than that? Nothing. I got mine from amazon and here’s a link to some travel packing cubes

I will definitely be doing some blogs after my trip, so stay tuned for those. In the meantime I will be getting ready for my trip.

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