5 Ways to De-Stress When You Feel Overwhelmed

If you’re like me feeling lost in just about everything, then you’re probably stressed out and overwhelmed. Stress is a good thing, but too much stress can take a toll on your body. The feeling of not knowing what is going to happen next can cause you to overthink and let things get in your head. And when you get too stressed you get negative. We all need ways to de-stress ourselves.

My sophomore year of high school I became so negative for a little while. Because nothing was going my way in sports, classes, everything. And all of that affected my mental health. Then one day my mom told me I needed to stop being so negative and made me follow a bunch of positive Instagram accounts. After I got it out of my head then I had a good life and there was no reason to be stressing over some things, because I was okay.

Until freshman year of college. Now I was a COVID freshman, so I came to school states away from home with only half of the students actually on campus. A lot of my classes were virtual or hybrid, so it was hard making friends and hard staying motivated. And to add into it I was a biology major who then realized that I hated biology. So, when I tell you I was stressed and overwhelmed, I was very stressed and overwhelmed.

I hit a major wall. I was supposed to be having the best time in college and I wasn’t. And to add onto that, I didn’t even know what I wanted to do with my life anymore. I spent many nights researching, crying, talking to my mom, and stressing on repeat. So, after doing that for a while I realized this wasn’t good for me mentally. So, I took a class in Public Health and Nutrition to see if I liked either of those. And I loved my Public Health class. And there I thought, I figured out one thing. I accomplished one thing. That’s one more thing to feel good about.

So, as I continued on, I realized that no matter how much you stress over things, some things are out of your control. And there’s no reason to stress in things you can’t control. You need to focus on what you can control. And there’s no point to stress over so many things. Things happen the way you want them to and sometimes they go completely wrong. But that’s life and that’s your story. No one is supposed to have a perfect life. Everyone goes through obstacles. And instead of dwelling on the negatives, thrive of the positives.

So here I am, graduating in May and not knowing what I want to do. And I’m okay with that. I have the summer figured out but that’s about it. You can’t plan everything in life and all of those things that go wrong or don’t happen are supposed to be like that. All of the internships I applied to and didn’t get was supposed to happen because I got one (and I mean only one) that I think I am going to love. So over the years I’ve learned a few ways to help de-stress myself.

5 Ways to help you De-Stress Yourself When You Feel Overwhelmed

  1. Know that everything happens for a reason
  2. Take some time for yourself to do something you love
  3. Get yourself a plant
  4. Go outside or workout
  5. Reflect on all of the things you’ve done so far

Everything happens for a reason. No matter how hard you plan things, sometimes they just don’t go the way they’re supposed to. But that’s okay. Because it’s part of the plot. Part of your story. If you plan something and it doesn’t happen, then you weren’t meant to do that thing. Something better is coming or maybe you just needed that time for yourself. So whenever something doesn’t go your way, just think that everything happens for a reason. And when something does go your way, think everything happens for a reason.

Take some time for yourself to do something you love. And that could be anything from watching a movie, going to get your favorite food, reading a book, going to watch the sunset, anything you can think of. Just do something that is going to make you smile. You need to have something positive happen that day. We all need time for ourselves, and self-care is so important. Taking care of yourself will let you be more productive too. So, take some time to do something you love.

Get yourself a plant. Getting a plant will benefit you in so many ways. First having the plant in your room or place means that you have to open your blinds or curtains. Which means natural sunlight, and that is so good for you. If you’ve ever heard of grounding yourself (earthing)it is when you connect yourself with the earth. So hear me out, touch your plant once a day or whenever you feel stressed. There are actually studies that show that plants reduce your stress and other things like depression. So, touch your plant and if you’re like me then you’ll feel your body relax immediately.

Below is a link to some of indoor plants and different holders for them on amazon. As an amazon associate I earn a commission on qualifying purchases.

Go outside or workout. Now this kind of relates to the plant one. Going outside can boost your mood and reduce stress. And the same goes for exercise. If you can, exercise outside. This will let you connect with nature and get some vitamin D while you’re out there. Even just going for a walk will let your mind shift into a happier state. Working out will help improve your self-confidence and we all know how good it feels after you completed a workout.

Finally reflect on things you’ve done so far in life. I feel like we take this for granted and don’t take time to ourselves to really think about all of the awesome things we’ve done in our life. I love to scroll through my camera roll and just think wow… I really did that. Or remembering those little moments that you can remember like it happened yesterday. Seeing all you have accomplished and all of the new things you’ve experienced will allow your body to be happy and think about how grateful you are for the life you have.

So I just want you to know that everything will be okay. You stressing isn’t going to change anything. So don’t worry about it all. There’s no need to be overwhelmed. Of course, it’s going to happen to us every so often and that’s not a bad thing. Just remember how to take a step back and de-stress yourself.

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