Acadia National Park is a Must See

Last summer my sister, mom and I spent about a week visiting New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. Let me tell you Acadia National Park is the prettiest place you might ever go in your entire life. Nature is truly beautiful, and this park has so much beauty. If you like to hike and sightsee well this is the place for you. For starters you can drive all the way around the mountain and stop at any of the signs and go on a hike. There’s even a beach which has the prettiest view ever.

The beehive hike was UP a mountain, like up being you grab onto ropes and metal ladders in the rocks to get to the top, but the view is worth it. They have hikes for all skill levels (even my mom could do all of them except for the beehive because she was too scared). Are the hikes easy? Absolutely not. You will get your elevation in for the year let me tell you. But the views you will see will be breathtaking. I recommend waking up early at least one day and drive up to Cadillac mountain for the sunrise. It’s actually where the sunrises first in the whole United States… so you gotta get up early, but its worth it.

You need to spend a few days there, because you will be worn out for sure, but you have to get most of the hikes in because you cannot miss these views. Also, you should stay in or near Bar harbor so that you can get dinner there and walk around the shops. It reminds me of one of those hallmark movie towns. Overall, Acadia National Park should be on your bucket list if it isn’t’ already. I will post some pictures below to show you, but we all know pictures do no justice to seeing it in person.

Words of wisdom if you are going to go take on this adventure. First dress in layers because it will be cold but once you start walking, you’ll get hot fast. I wore leggings with a crop top/tank top and then wore a jacket over that. Also I would bring a backpack or at least one person in your group have one just to put snacks and water and a place to put your jacket if you get warm.

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Go to the beehive hike early because it gets very busy. You can see how busy it is in my last picture. There’s also an island called bar island that you can walk too when its low tide. So basically, its like a bridge/sand walkway but you can only see it at low tide. Other tips, go look for moose at sunset, try the blueberry lemonade and lobster rolls! Looking for more information head to

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