Going to College a Plane Ride Away

So, I am from Pennsylvania and went to college in Florida, which meant that if I ever wanted to go home I would either have to pay for a plane ticket or drive 20 hours. Insane to think about but it honestly was so good for me. I come from a very small town which I love very much, but I knew I needed a change… a big change. So why not go as far south as I can and go to the sunshine state for a few years. Let me tell you… FLORIDA IS THE BEST PLACE TO GO TO COLLEGE. The opportunities are endless, and nobody is really from Florida so if you’re like me your friends will be from across the country or even the globe. The big question did I get homesick? Ummm I think maybe once or twice but that’s a max. I was a COVID graduate so I came to college in the middle of the pandemic, where my classes were hybrid and only half the students were here, which sucked. It really did but I made the most of it. So many people came from other places like me so we all sort of clung to each other to do as much as we could so that we didn’t get homesick. Of course, it’s a big change going from living with your parents to not seeing them for months, but you gotta learn how to live on your own at some point right? If you’re from up north then you know about seasonal depression but guess what. It doesn’t exist down here in Florida. Having a bad day? Go outside and you won’t even why you’re having a bad day. But my campus is literally so pretty, everything is so pretty here. I’ll post some pictures below. In-between classes just go to the pool for a bit. The only problem is that it is so hot outside yet so cold in all the buildings. Like insanely cold for no reason. I’ve done so many things that I never would have done back home like paddleboarding with dolphins and manatees!!! Taking day trips to Miami, trying tons of new food and going to the clubs. Florida’s wild because everyone comes here for spring break, so spring break is two months long here. So if you’re thinking about going to college in Florida, do it and if you aren’t well then maybe you should be. Or at least tell someone you know they should do it.

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