The Tattoo

This whole thing came from a tattoo I have on my ribs that says none other than “Live a little” Now the story behind it all. I went up to visit my sister one weekend in college. She is about 3 1/2 hours away from me and we bought tickets to an Ian Munsick Concert. Which was an amazing concert by the way. So we go to Orlando and walk around Disney Springs, go to the concert and then go back to stay at her place. The next morning, we go to breakfast and we’re all like what do we want to do today. So we’re all sitting there thinking and then it pops into our heads TATTOO. I mean what else are you supposed to do in college other than get a spontaneous tattoo. Now I had been thinking about getting one for a while now but never knew what. I wanted it on my ribs because I’m the type of person that wants to hide their tattoos when needed. I had thought about some happiness saying or something along those lines, but then as I’m scrolling through Pinterest, I see Live a Little and I was like this is perfect for me. My sister had wanted a tattoo with both my parents writing and her friend already had her grandmas writing for a tattoo ready so I was the real spontaneous one. But I feel like I really live by the saying live a little and now I can use it against other people. It helps make decisions easier if you’re thinking about doing something because I just have to think okay Tessa just live a little. It a version of the say yes to things. As I am nearing the final days of college, I am really trying to do the most with my time here in Florida because it really is a dream being here, but I’ll have to do another blog about that. But hey, the saying must be doing me pretty good because I started this whole blog thing. Anyway, if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo make sure it is either something you’ll live by or want to remember for the rest of you life because I mean it is a forever thing. But if you are ever deciding on whether you want to do something or not just think about my saying “live a little” and go do it because we really are only on this world once and we don’t want to have any regrets do we? Exactly, so go live a little my friends.

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