Want to Start Running but Don’t Know How?

I started running in 7th grade when I joined the track team. From there I started cross country and my team won districts all 4 years of high school. I decided I wanted to be an athlete in college, so I continued my career of running in college. However, it didn’t work out for me and I lost my love for the sport. So here I am a year later wanting to start running again, but I can’t just pretend that I’m in the same shape that I used to be. So I need to start off slow and get back into it

Why is running so hard to start? Running is so much different than other sports. It’s something that anyone can do and there’s no real equipment needed other than shoes. However, to actually get in a cycle of running and get into shape does not just happen in a week. Running is very beneficial to your body as it is the best cardio out there and is a great way to slim your body to look fit.

So how do you actually start running again and get in shape? Well it’s a process. You should start out by going on long walks or doing things to get your body moving. One of the fastest ways to get in shape is by doing interval (in running terms “fartlek) runs. So what you’re going to do it start off by jogging for 30 seconds and walking for 1 minute. And do that 10 times or until you hit a mile. Then when you are comfortable with that you can slowly cut down the walking time. So try 30 seconds on of running and 30 seconds off of walking. And you just keep cutting that down until you can run the whole mile or whatever distance/time you are working towards.

Once you can confidently run that distance or time and you want to get faster. You are going to want to do intervals again, except this time do 30 seconds of a faster pace and 1 minute of your normal jog. And do the same thing that you did before when you walked except this time you are running the whole time. Another addition you could add in, is that at the end of your run to do a few strides or short sprints. This will also help you get in shape faster and also help strengthen your muscles. Also please don’t forget to stretch before and after your run.

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