Why You Need a Bucket List

Everyone always talks about a bucket list and things that on our there’s. But how many people actually have a real list of things they want to do in life? Well, I do, and you should too. I have always been the type to want to do everything. And when I say everything, I mean I want to travel to every country and try every food and do every activity. But there have always been a few things that I have dreamed. about.

So, when I was in high school, I got a cute notebook and started writing down everything I wanted to do. I posted a link below to some bucket list books to start your very own bucket list. And like most people I want to travel the world and go to all of these cool places. But we all have those weird random things we aspire to do in life. Like one of mine has always been to watch the baby sea turtle hatchlings crawl to the ocean and another to climb a mountain (a real mountain).

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Now it is my life’s mission to complete the things on my bucket list. It gives me something to plan and look forward to in life. To strive towards checking more and more things off of my bucket list. And once I complete something I go to the back of my notebook and write about it. Just a little snippet of my experience so I can go back and relive those moments. I also add in the date and how old I was at the time just for a reference later in life. I checked off my first thing at 18.

So far on my bucket list I have checked off- skydiving, snorkeling, jet skiing, seeing whales in the ocean, and watching the baby sea turtles crawl to the ocean. These were some of the best moments in my life and they give me so much happiness. Isn’t that what life is all about. Being happy. You should always do what makes you happy. Not what other people want you to do. What you want to do. Your bucket list is yours only and someone else’s might look completely different. But that’s because we think differently. We find joy in different things. So do things for you and make your life meaningful.

If you’re looking for ideas to add to your bucket list, here’s 10 of mine that I haven’t already talked about.

  1. Go to the Grand Canyon
  2. Drink Around the World at Disney
  3. Hot air balloon ride
  4. Get abs.
  5. Backpack Europe
  6. Go on a yacht.
  7. Hang out with someone Famous.
  8. Go on a safari.
  9. Run a marathon.
  10. Watch the Olympics in Person

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