Why You Need To Learn How to Crochet

When I was in middle school my aunt came over and taught me how to crochet and sew and all of the basics for these things. I loved it and even got my own sewing machine and lots of yarn. I crocheted and sewed a lot but eventually I sort of grew out of it and became too busy with school and sports.

Fast forward to me being post bachelors degree in a new city with an internship, I had some time on my hands. And eventually the thought of crocheting popped back into my head. But this time I knew I wanted to learn how to crochet clothes specifically tops as I could actually use them and even give them to my friends. I have slowly relearned everything I knew before and look for inspiration of tops that I like and think I could actually make myself.

Crocheting is honestly so relaxing, and I love seeing the end result of the top. You can basically make anything you want with whatever colors you want and whatever size you want. It is all in your hands. If you are looking to start here you can find some of you must haves crocheting necessities. You for sure need some yarn of your favorite colors and a crochet hook. It is a very inexpensive hobby to take up.

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If you are looking for inspo of tops, you can make. Here are a few I made, and I am in no way an expert at this yet, but I am pretty proud of my work so far.

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